Notice Regarding Phishing/Spam Text: ​The Board has been made aware of a potential phishing text that has been sent to licensees seemingly on behalf of the Board.  If you receive a text message in regards to your Kentucky Radiation License, it is not from KBMIRT.  The Board does not send correspondence via text. 

Need to apply for an initial license or reinstate a lapsed license? ​ Go to "Forms"​ where applications and instructions on the application process now available!  ​​

New Website:  KBMIRT website has a new look!  The same features are available but have an updated look.  

New Email Address: ​There is a new way to contact the Board staff!  Email kbmirt@ky.gov for inquiries.  

Renewal Window: Licensees are able to renew their Kentucky Radiation License online beginning on the first of the month prior to expiration.  Once renewal window closes, the online application is no longer available.​

We heard your suggestion: Licensees have the ability to print their license at any time. Simply go to "Print Your License" and log in to view and print your license.

Who Must Be Licensed?

Any individual who operates radiation emitting equipment for medicine, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, chiropractic, podiatry or bone densitometry must maintain an active Kentucky state license. These disciplines include professionals of radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, radiologist assistants and limited x-ray machine operators.

Licensure Categories:

Radiation License

Graduates that have completed an accredited educational program in radiography, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy or radiologist assistant who hold a valid certificate from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) may be licensed.

Temporary Radiation License

Recent graduates who have completed an educational program cited above and are awaiting examination with the ARRT or the NMTCB. This license is valid for one year only and is not renewable.

Limited X-ray Machine Operator (LXMO) License

Graduates that have completed a formal education program for Limited X-ray Machine Operators approved by the board and passed the Kentucky Limited Scope Exam.

Temporary LXMO License

Recent graduates that have completed a formal education program for Limited X-ray Machine Operators that are awaiting examination for the Kentucky Limited Scope Exam. This license is valid for one year only and is not renewable.

​​​​​Current Fee Structure​:

  • Initial Application and License Fee - $100
  • Renewal License Fee- $50 per year
  • Temporary Application and License Fee - $100 This license is valid for one year only and cannot be renewed.
  • Reinstatement Fee - $100 The reinstatement fee is required in addition to the initial application and license fee.
  • Written Verification of Qualifications Fee - $25 per document
  • Continuing Education Approval Fee - $10/individual program request; $100/annual sponsoring institution (covers any and all CE requests for the calendar year).
  • Insufficient Funds Fee - $50​
All fees are non-refundable; pursuant to ​201 ​KAR 46:020.
Should you need additional information, please contact the KBMIRT Board at (502) 782-5687.​

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